Monday, February 4, 2013

Little bundles of joy

It is a known fact that all kids want to grow up and the grown ups wished they never had.In the face of the difficulty and pressures of life, we start to overlook little things which may or may not make sense to others, but puts a smile on our face.

It is harder to express the same childlike enthusiasm in our matured age. But for me, age is just numbers to count. I believe one lives as long as he wishes and he dies as soon as he stops wishing. 

Off lately, I have been giving a shot to my life,which was seriously turning into nothing but a routine driven life. It screamed to break free but did not know how. Joining the writing workshop gave me a new childlike enthusiasm. I looked forward for my workshop sessions because it was one place where I did not carry my emotional baggage with me. I had absolutely nothing to expect and nothing to show off. The place, peers and the trainers were few people I looked forward to meet.

Until I experimented, I did not realize, how blinded my feelings were. I had given up on the little bundle of joys, in my life. I never noticed that very unimportant things could also bring a smile on my face. For example: after my workshop session, I was busy talking with my hubby on the mobile. I was trying to remove my two wheeler simultaneously.  But a cute guy offered to help me and removed my two wheeler from a tricky spot and parked right in the comfortable zone. I thanked him for his help and left. But what I realized was, he had managed to bring a smile on my face. Why? It reminded me that good-nature people who would help others for no cause, still do exist.

I ordered recently some books from When those books arrived on my door steps, I was excited again. I tore the wrapping envelope impatiently. When the book was in my hand, I flipped the pages of the book. There was this fresh, crispy paper aroma which bewitched me, the same way how in the beginning of academic year, I was  excited to see my new, shiny textbooks. 

At work, when there were some celebrations going on, I helped with open heart, organised things and took care of the matters I knew well. We had some balloons for decoration and once again, the smell of the balloon and the air blown in it,  got me excited. I kept on inhaling the air like a small child would do. People laughed at my kiddish behavior but i did not mind. I did what I liked.

I know my trainers at workshop would smack me for writing about life and things which screams goodie goodie stuff, but in today's world of prejudices, cynicism and manipulations, we can save ourselves by indulging in these little bundle of joy.

So take some time in your busy lives and see what are those little bundle of joys in your life.


  1. Your faclitators would be proud of you to find such small joys in our troubled world. I was energized by your post, there are beautiful people in this world with no other agenda then to just be nice and do the best they can. We only smack you when you write short stories and everything is just hunky-dory-awesome. That is a tough sell ;) Hugs.

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