Sunday, September 4, 2011

When a woman feels depressed

There are so many times, when a woman feels low or depressed. She wants to be left alone yet at the same time need a shoulder to cry. The best quality God could give to her was sensitivity and worst hyper-sensitivity.

A woman can get hyper sensitive or vulnerable. Rather than saying that she does not require a reason to be hyper, I could say there are many reasons why she can get hyper. A bad day at work, naughty children, family feuds, gaining weight or sometimes even bad weather.

She feels like she is unwanted, her life has no direction, doing a thankless service. She might also feel sometimes run away or break free from her regular routine.

On such days, if men try to be extra supportive so that they can get her back on track. But instead, women feel more irritated. Not that they don't know or appreciate the feelings coming from others. All she want to do is left alone, not be taken care of (but secretly hopes to be taken care of). Possible diversions to feel better is read a book, watch movies, go for stroll by themselves, shop something. Even if you do not agree, do not question her, on such days.

Some women take as little as an hour or as much as two days to recover. At the end of the depression cycle in this case, comes the good news that she has recovered. But the cherry on top of the cake, would be the news that she has not reduced your bank balance when she shopped. You want to know why?

Because when she goes for shopping, she looks at the price first and cribs even for the product being costly or over rated. I agree at the pity situation but somewhere at back of her mind, she knows she would end up screwing the monthly budget. That's the power of consciousness and restrain, a woman has in herself.

Women are god's beautiful creation but not the perfect one. She needs her own space and time too. A woman born in this age is quite lucky, because she can voice her opinions. But you cannot take out a little performance, she puts up in face of depression...... her way to have fun......

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  1. Pray GOD that such occasions in any supportive man's life be minimal.


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