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Today is India’s 66th Independence day celebrations. I would like to wish all my friends, family, fellow Indians a very "Happy Independence Day".

What is the general thing which we all do on this day? Everyone has their own ways to celebrate this day. Some like to download colorful flags and famous quotes and circulate amongst their peers, families and friends; some get up early and watch the flag hoisting on TV;kids are sent to school to attend the compulsory flag hoisting ceremony. I remember in my school, there were some plays or excerpts from the freedom movement which students would perform, like the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, etc etc.

But I can’t just help but wonder are we really thankful for this day? What are we really thankful for? Or is it just another day off where you can spend time with your family.

I am thankful that in-spite of being such a huge nation, we have great family value system, respect for elders, high tolerance levels, freedom to speak,think and express; where all religions feel they are safe in this country;huge achievements in fields of science, technology, business; standing tall and proud in the world economy. Everyone is talking about India.

This day we were free from the outsiders-British Raj. Today take few moments to think are we really free? British left the country but there are so many things which we as Indians have shackled ourselves yet, even after 65 years.

Are we true Indians? Or are we just south Indians, north Indians? For people in south everything above them is north and for people in north, everything below them is south. What happened to West and East directions? Have we freed our minds from this bias?

Are we free from the thought that girls and boys have equal right to education in the country? Are we open to the thought that boys or girls both are same & equal?

Are we free from the biases we make on day to day basis based on a place, person, personality, caste, traditions, and cultures? Are we free from the thought where we think my culture is better than others?

Are we free from the thought that we should not intentionally or unintentionally hurt each other’s sentiments based on their disabilities or different abilities?

Monday morning mass prayer in schools maintains us to repeat in chorus the Pledge. According to our pledge, we say All Indians are my brothers and sisters. Do we actually do that? Only hypocrites would say yes… If yes, then how does one justify the every single day horrific incidences any girl has to go through in terms of eve teasing, rape, torture, dowry demands, kidnapping, etc.

Are we free from the quota system prevailing in our country? Biases-decisions-quotas systems based on religions have created a big divide in the whole social and academic system. Equal rights and equal opportunities have seemed to diminish. 

Is India free from the stressful experiences which young adults have to go through in terms of expectations to excel and perform in each and every field like academics, sports, linguistics, etc?

Why are institutions been created which support their own caste, sub caste, religion? Why are they allowed to just uplift the needy of only their caste? When God is screaming out loud and saying I am the eternal truth and I am One!!!!!!!!!!! Why do we not believe him? Why can’t there be a community based institutions which helps all and identify various causes than castes to support that group.

Are we broad minded/open minded to see every single person as fellow country man and rush to their help when they meet with accident, mishaps or are in desperate need?

We hear epic speeches from our previous prime ministers or chief guests at our school and college, but do we actually sit and think how I can continue or contribute to free my India from these shackles?

Honorable freedom fighters gave their lives so that we can live happily as on after freedom, but we are just merely insulting their sacrifices  by doing all the above. They wished for a united India wherein no outsider could ever again take control of our motherland. But little did they know that the social evils and great divide has shackled India again and it will take a herculean effort to see this dream being achieved.

Google Doodle for Indian Independance
So Who can do this? Who can bring a change/make difference about these? You and Me........ As the saying goes "Har acche kaam ki cheez, ghar se shuru hoti hain" (All good things begins from our home first). 

Inculcate the behavior of indifference and humanity. On small or daily basis try to do something in some way which will help others to think like you. Teach children not to make biases, to be friendly with everyone. Educate them and encourage them to appreciate the vast culture of India.

Try to volunteer in any nearest social events/cause which you stand for. Open your mindsets and accept everyone in-spite of where they come from. Do not encourage discussions which show one culture as more better than others. All cultures are great, evolved over time and is Indian pride.

Next time, if you see someone has met with accident, do not hesitate to help them or provide with first aid. 

Do not enter into bad evil-practices of dowry, female foeticide where a girl child is involved. Remember today you are doing it, tomorrow someone else may do it to you. Your mother,daughter,sisters are important part of your family. Without a women, you do not have an existence in the world. Where you offer prayers to various goddess and call her mother; remember to honor and respect all women in the same way.

I support the bills (Manipuri bill) and the shows (Satyameva Jayate) which put focus on country's internal issues. These are evils within our country which is in way of much more greater achievements which India can see, but is not being able to do so.

I am proud to be INDIAN. For me Goodness and humanity is the only religion I can follow.

Prosperity is waiting, what can you do for it?

Who are you?

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  1. Nice thoughts (given centuries back by the great saint Swami Vivekananda); if all are able to think and act in the same way (broad minded) I believe India can rule the world.
    But, The basic hindrance for this is FCS circle:initially it seems to be inevitable; but later, the FCS circle becomes circleless (meaning: people's greed). If this is conquered; then the beautiful thoughts will come out of individual mind. Of course as you said, "All good things start from home" but pls do remember that no person will become a robber / dacoit initially at home; the situation of him / her in this world makes them to do that forcefully; meaning, the FCS circle is incomplete for them (there are many reasons like illiteracy; unemployment etc) and the so called democratically elected / selected Govts keeping their mouth shut and are providing rice @ Re1; free TVs; laptops; cell phones etc (which are like giving chocolates to crying kids to make them silent).
    People in power should initiate(considering it as home for entire country) good things so that the layman (assuming that he / she is the child of that home) will start acting accordingly.

    Actually, in democracy direction should be smaller --> larger (under guidance of larger) but it has become larger --> smaller (smaller is neglected) I believe this is the initial issue / thorn for letting out the incredible thoughts said by you

    P.S: Anything wrong, pls let me know so that I can correct myself
    - Vishnu Bharadwaj S P


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