Monday, November 14, 2011


I would probably have "daymares" if I can call that, when I hear the word "Ghosts".... I would probably end up losing on my sleep, being awake throughout the night, panic at the slightest sound and even go ahead and imagine few ghostly figures myself, thanks to my subconscious.

I was having talks or rather listening to my colleagues thoughts about ghosts... and though everyone said they do exist, but they had different ways to understand their existence... Like, one said, that ghosts exists as do god.. they are just the 'atman' which has not got moksha in this life and is waiting his turn to be born again in this world........  Another one said, that as there is a positive energy, there is negative energy as well. So the ghostly figures have more of negative powers......

I asked them if one should fear their presence or in my case, at the very word.They answered NO. Surprised, I asked why? They said that to be born as a human itself is a blessing. We have more powers than any form of life created by God/Positive energy..... and the power was to express ourselves and pray or meditate/nurture to god/positive energy within us daily.

This was an intriguing thought. If that is the case, why do we voluntarily not forget the ghosts of our pasts easily?

In every day life, we would have made mistakes in countless way. But what makes us remember them and get afraid or shudder at the thought of them. And mind you the the pain of not being able to admit it in front of others............. I think that is the biggest reason why we cannot forget them, because it keeps pricking in our head.

To be able to give any examples for the situation would just channelize or make believe one, the only streams where we could go wrong. But the areas of mistakes are countless and the best person to know it is "Yourself"

If one is true to oneself and hopefully the subconscious has not been lying to itself, then its the best battlefield to face these ghosts of our pasts. You come face to face with the ghost/s. Go ahead and imagine, if it is a lady in white cloth or a disfigured evil just to help you channelize your attention and agree for a "FACE OFF"

Challenge the ghost and agree to your mistake. The only advantage the ghost had was that we feared it since we lied/denied the mistake. But now that it is done and you have learnt your lesson, look at the ghost 'eye to eye' and say, "CHECK MATE". By agreeing to the folly or one's mistake, one would give the ghost its moksha or remove the negative air around the ghost and let it go.......

It lingered in our subconscious mind and haunted us because we allowed to for so many years. But now that we admitted it and faced our fears, it's time you said "My mind is my temple and the entrance board reads" No ghosts allowed".


  1. u manage to say a lot in very few words and I so appreciate that. :) Loved the last line. :)

  2. Yes, do ghosts exist only in mind as you have rightly conceived. But classifying a deed as good or bad (+ve or -ve) is once again subjec-tive. Even after knowing the result of a deed will be negative attempting it, may not be -ve as it may be the best option available at that juncture and U might have taken a chance, as any body else would have taken. What I mean to impress is that, nobody wants to do any harm to self or any body. Some times chances have to be taken in a progressive life . If it becomes successful U will be a new path finder, otherwise U should get satisfied that, at least U attempted it. Only cowards will not try for chances. Which would U prefer - being a coward or being a chance taker. By this way of interpreting the deeds U can covert all your ghosts in to Gods.
    Nice attempt of calling off Ghosts.
    Keep writing. Best wishes.

  3. Thanks you Purnima.........I have quite lot of colleagues who share different views.........Listening to them gives me lots of insight on the topic..

    Thanks Dad......... I agree that we should attempt the impossible but we should not regret or remorse if it does not work out the same way we had imagined it...... The guilt or displeasure in the result leaves us unsatisfied.....

  4. "My mind is my temple and the entrance board reads" No ghosts allowed"...I really appreciate your effort in framing this comment...Ghosts pervaded soul with same paranormal behavior with multiple level of thought bias move amidst reality and practical agendas of life.

    Sunil Sugathan
    +971 559409176


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