Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is the new generation girl still girlish?

I loved the old ways when boys would treat girls as girls (not to be mistaken in wrong way). They would be ready to tolerate the girly things they would do like coming late, talking less, being shy, etc. Songs would be written in honor of the nakhras girls would do. A girl would be endowed with such qualities just to test the mark of a man. Like in old movies, where if girl would say she is tired of walking in high heels she wore, he would stop of horse carriage and drop her or roam around. Its definitely one of the way to know, how a man treats his girl. But boys think that she is being pricey and otherwise. But yet, they would do it for fun or lovingly do it to win the girl. Girls would wear makeup, pretty dresses, cover themselves with perfume, etc etc for fun of it.


I guess this all started from my generation. In order  to lessen the distinction of having boys and girls both as friends, girls  became more open. Open in the sense, let go of our girlishness and embraced a hint of boyishness. While this started working out for us, we started doing it more often, like treating boys also as regular buddies like girls and talking to them about anything and everything. We started entertaining talks like how they feel about girls and try not to be judgmental in front of them.

In the whole process of proving that girls can be good buddies with boys (no wonder we can), somewhere down the line, and we lost our girlishness. The old habits never die, like putting on makeup, shopping, window shopping, etc but yet to be in forefront of not being tagged as bimbo or artificial, we reduced these habits. And trust this is very abnormal. Its like you quitting your basic  essence of being a girl. We wanted to show that we also can handle practical jokes which goes within the boys circle or to be able to prove that we are at par with the boys.

Genx  girls now is too forward from these silly topics. Gone are those days when parents would ask not to make any boys their friends in school or colleges. Gen x now is not even threatened to flaunt their hugs, smoking or drinking group on social networking sites. I bet girls have more boys as friends than girls themselves. 

With growing competition to excel at work, girls have to become more boy like to get their way to the top. I know many of my friends who are working professionals, excellent at their work yet not being able to grow to higher levels. It is ,as one of my friend and ex-colleague said that “All major decisions are taken place  at smoking corner or social do after work”. I personally agree to that.

After the end of a busy day at work, we have to take up role of a doting wife, a mother, daughter to husband, kids, parents and in laws. Somewhere in this juggling act, we lose our girlishness.  But what is wrong in being girlish? What is wrong or harm in choosing pink dress over power business suits or put some make up at work or outside than worrying what others will say. What is wrong in watching a romantic film than showing off that she enjoys sci-fi or war movies. 

I don’t know who was responsible for this but I beg all girls to start behaving and realizing that they are powerful women and need not prove that to anyone. There is no fight to prove that either men or a woman is superior to each other. I know one girl who could even rock the Washington DC wearing pink dresses amidst the black high profile suits. If you need some inspiration on how to excel at work and yet keep yourself in the girlish best, watch Legally Blonde part 2, in the way I intend to mean it.

Hope the old charms of being a woman comes back..................

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