Monday, February 13, 2012

A million deaths........

Death, the word surely scares all. The best thing about being human is that even if we know death is inevitable, we want to make the fullest out of earthly life,which we are blessed with.

What does death mean? Most of us relate death to the physical perishing of the body made of skin and flesh. When I was very small, I would also feel scared like most of us, on hearing the D word. Many of the parents do not encourage or ask children to accompany them to a funeral or a mourning place, because the whole scene is very disturbing for a child's mind. But what happens when we grow up? Funny thing is, we all learn the absolute truth of LIFE:DEATH....

But for me, death means a lot different. Death is just not the perishing of our physical body. I feel we live a hundred deaths every single day throughout our life. These deaths are of those dreams,we would have once, dreamt for us. I think our soul is like a white round cheese. We keep on grating it to find the ultimate,unique and the best recipe one could have produced. Similar way,we keep on scrapping our souls for so many dreams which we want to follow. Some may be utter bullshit and some may be truly spectacular. But in the attempt of doing so, we depleted some our cheese, which we will not get back. After grating, cheese becomes uneven in shape with holes in many places and so does our SOUL.

In this fast paced world and the race to reach to the top, we scrap our souls day in day out. Say for example, we step out of the house and we see a beautiful girl wearing a very costly dress. She looks like a million bucks in her outfit and you immediately make up your mind, that you want to do the same. A dream has registered on our SOUL. But after one-two days, we go back to our normal and give up our dream by thinking of possibilities.A dream unaccomplished and it scrapped our SOUL in the process. 

Me and my best friend Shilpa, share same view about trying things. Its like, we do not want to sit at the shores and judge how cold the water is. We never want to regret or ever want to feel bad that we never tried. We do not want our souls getting scrapped a million times and ultimately one day vanish without producing a fine recipe. 

Now the question is what do we do to ensure our SOUL is not depleted without achieving anything? Take that brave step. Do what you feel and you truly want to follow. There is nothing which is impossible in life. There is always a way to get things done or atleast try and move one step closer to that dream. With the fear of failure and that one may become laughing stock in front of others, we often end up giving up our dreams. Take that courage to stand for what you believe in. Your soul is in your hand. There are many influencers in the process but ultimately its your journey.

For example: One would want to have a baby to be able to enjoy parenthood, to be able to see your baby grow but what is the use,when your baby is taking it first steps at home and you are busy working?

One always plans on how he can live happily after retirement. But he does not think, his SOUL has already depleted to the core in order to reach to the retirement age. His many dreams died in the process to find ultimate happiness or say retirement age without even trying for it. No wonder,when someone blesses with a long life, they immediately react and say, this one life is more than enough.

What is ultimate happiness? For me, it is to be able to do what I want to do, without the fear of failure or worry that my attempts would be the talk of the town.  Some dreams may get realized and so may fail disastrously but with every attempt comes an experience and no one can take that away from me. 

The next time you want to dream and not follow them; ask this one question to yourself and am sure, you will always get a positive answer: Is Death the ultimate destination of your life or a point from where you cannot return back?

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  1. Inspiring dear! i particularly love d part... "TAKE THAT BRAVE STEP" it means so much 2 me... love it! cheers!


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